The Chemical Atlas

California Trideo Arena

Round 03

Hey freeloaders, here are the results of this week’s Trideo Arena. Looks like we got a runaway hit from a newcomer in these parts, and they’re only the second group to do their own music to make it into the top ten…

  1. Witchhammer, featuring their own song “Demonseed.”
  2. Sonic 6, feautring “Sunshine and Bourbon” by Mr Melody.
  3. The Juicyfruits, featuring their own song “Dirge of the Fallen Angel.”
  4. Shatterstorm, featuring “Tanooki San the T-1000″ by Lovetap.
  5. Razorwire, featuring “Gunslinger Burrito” by Reggie B.
  6. Whiplash, feautring “Shit or Get Off the Pot” by Two Ton Wanker.
  7. Popcorn and Jacks, featuring “Ready the Cosmic Rocket” by Orc Korea.
  8. North Star, featuring “If I Had a Billion Nuyen” by Eat Peter.
  9. Section Z, featuring “Hold Me Closer, Tir Tangire” by Hologasm.
  10. Corkscrew, featuring “The Left Hand of Billy Red Crow” by Jackrabbit Express.
  11. Poison AROs, featuring “Incoming Hostiles” by Mars or Bust(y Dwarves).



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