The Chemical Atlas

Digital Dossier 06

The Buck Stops Here

“Welcome to NewsNet, it is currently Monday, Oct 5, 2072, and I am your host, Sheila Franks. Our top story tonight is the terrorist actions of an entire battalion of DeBeers-Omnitech paramilitary forces, who, under the direction of an accountant named Linda Swift, commandeered billions of nuyen worth of equipment from their corporate offices here in Seattle, including a fleet of helicopters which were used to engage in a senseless attack on a Seattle neighborhood using biological agents. The helicopters were returned to the DeBeers-Omnitech offices after the attack, but the battalion itself is still at large and
considered armed and extremely dangerous.

“It is not currently clear how an accountant took command of a paramilitary battalion, and experts have postulated that her position in the company may have been an elaborate act of espionage. Sources have yet to confirm this, but we will keep you posted.

“Last night, a colourful Seattle neighborhood in Redmond known locally as “The Topcut Row” was subject to an attack by biological agent during an unlicensed charity benefit concert. Specifically, the rogue battalion released a controlled bioswarm of GreenClean, an Awakened and proprietary form of aerial jellyfish used to contain bio hazardous outbreaks in secure facilities. The bioswarm was never intended to be used on living animals, and the consequences were devastating as the bioswarm began latching onto helpless residents and poisoning them with bleach-like secretions. The death toll is estimated at over 300 and still counting, with hundreds more injured or wounded.

“A joint team of DocWagon, Aztech Medical Services, and Ares MediRam have flown in emergency relief services after the attack, and Knight Errant is stepping up patrols in the area. Violence and aggression is rampant the area, and there have been numerous riots by armed, angry, and scared residents looking for someone to blame for this tragedy.

“Now we go live to the scene at Topcut Row with Victor Larson. Victor, can you hear me?”

{Camera cuts to Victor in front of the Stuffer Shack. Camera pans to show massive destruction to buildings and sidewalks. Those in the know realize half that damage was already there, and half that again was there before the spirit assault on Boxcutter. There are medical vans everywhere, and all store fronts have been locked up except the Stuffer Shack.}

“Hello Sheila, I can hear you. The name of the neighborhood is actually Boxcutter Row, Sheila, and I am standing in what looks like a warzone right here in Seattle where the tragedy took place. There are medical personnel everywhere, and as you can see, there is still so much cleanup to do. The damage done to these people is incredible, Sheila, and you can really only appreciate it when you’re standing right here and talking to the residents. They’re angry and scared, and most of them are staying indoors during the cleanup.

“Interestingly, Sheila, the residents here say that a loudspeaker voice, probably belonging to Swift herself, shouted the name ‘Naledi’ repeatedly into the crowd during the attack. Our sources have confirmed that Naledi is the name of Swift’s younger sister who, ironically, died as a child in an eccoterrorist attack on a school playground in the California Free State years ago. It’s possible that Swift has gone insane and is seeking revenge for the painful loss of her sister, but that’s just speculation right now. How anyone could do this to people is, frankly, beyond me.

“Not only that, Sheila, but NewsNet sources indicate that members of the Swift family, including herself, her parents Anathi and Joseph Swift, and her brother Daniel, who are all employed by DeBeers-Omnitech, have recently been under internal investigation for possible embezzlement. The brother, Daniel, hasn’t been heard from in over a year now. Back to you, Sheila.”

{Camera cuts back to Sheila in the newsroom}

“Thanks Victor. The World Corporate Court convened early this morning and unanimously denounced Swift’s actions as ‘barbaric.’ A corporate warrant for her and her battalion’s arrest has been issued, and furthermore a bounty of five million nuyen has been posted for the capture of Linda Swift. She is currently wanted dead or alive.

“Members of every AAA Corporation have expressed their grief for the residents of Seattle. In particular, a charity donation drive is being co-conducted by Aztechnology and Ares Macrotechnology to provide better quality food and water services to Boxcutter Row in the wake of the tragedy.”

“In other news…”


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