The Chemical Atlas

Session 02

The Simple (Train) Job

Date: July 15, 2072

Digital Dossier: Follow the Money

Senior Jaoija enlisted the Juicyfruits to hijack a Horizon corporate train enroute to Seattle, through Tir Tairngire, from the California Free State. Impressed by the music video created from the footage from the Halloweener raid on Boxcutter, Jaoija not only encouraged mayhem but offered them a bonus per confirmed kill on camera, and an additional bonus for the confirmed murder of the train’s security spider. More specifically, Jaoija hired the Juicyfruits to infiltrate the train and steal a briefcase belonging to a business man with an armed, undercover entourage.

The Juicyfruits caught a plane to Sacramento where they briefly tangled with a couple thugs who didn’t take kindly to Japanese, metahumans, or outsiders in general before they booked passage on the train. Once inside, Ziggy began slowly probing the train’s secure nodes and was surprised at just how easy it was. Taking out, and killing, the security spider proved incredibly easy.

During the trip, Click was tapped on the shoulder by a smiling elf who boarded in Tir Tairngire. He introduced himself as Jack Frost and indicated he could tell Click was a technomancer, that he was one himself, and that he was putting together a collective in the Tir should he ever be interested. The elf woman he was with was silent.

The Juicyfruits were able to use the train’s own nonlethal security measures to their advantage and made quick work of the security detail, got the briefcase, and made their escape. As they exited, though, they realized that the elf woman accompanying Frost, once unconscious, looked exactly like Casey.

After the run, the Juicyfruits broke into the briefcase to find out it contained very small core samples of pure orichalcum from somewhere off the coast of Germany. They then delivered the briefcase and successfully completed that run.



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