The Chemical Atlas

Session 04

Clash at Bananahead

Date: August 15, 2072

Digital Dossier: Nigredo

The Juicyfruits talked to Lady Macbeth about their concerns regarding Hacko, whose name has been revealed to be Hyundai, and they found out several important facts about both Macbeth and Hyundai:

  • Macbeth and Hyundai are both Changelings
  • They were metahuman rights activists together
  • Hyundai was infected and became a ghoul
  • Hyundai became even more militant when the two of them went separate ways
  • Hyundai was in Chicago when the UCAS government dropped nukes on it

Click and Ziggy went to confront Hyundai about his involvement in the sewer incidents, as well as his involvement in the formation of the Boxcutters, the new high-tech and well-armed neighborhood watch organization. He told them that his clinic was actually a full medical facility in which he kept his ghoul “family,” that the surgeries and the bodies taken from the streets kept himself and his family fed, and he also mentioned that his facility was funded in part by the Drake Foundation as a sort of underground railroad system for ghouls.

When the Juicyfruits said they wanted to gain his trust, Hyundai offered them what seemed to be a simple job to deliver a truck downtown for a very, very large sum of money.

The Juicyfruits, stoked about such a major job, left Boxcutter to take advantage of an invitation from Tire Iron to join Witchhammer and Gregface on stage at a riot-concert on the smoking rubble of the Bananahead club which had revoked a charity concert for breast cancer research when they found out what kind of crowd it would draw. While arriving at the scene, part of the party found a mysterious, ancient, secret, orcish cathedral right beneath where the club was. There was not much time to gawk, however, as Witchhammer’s cathedral-esque T-bird obliterated the club above them with a barrage of missiles. They managed to grab several objects from a tabernacle before the party escaped with their lives.

Several days later, leaked logs from a Drake Foundation internal server were sent to the Juicyfruits by Frost to inform them their job was to deliver a truck to downtown Denver, not downtown Seattle, which meant crossing several international and NAN borders.

The Juicyfruits had been screwed over by Hyundai.



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