The Chemical Atlas

Session 05a

Keeping Up with the Dunkelzahns

Date: September 1, 2072

Digital Dossier: (none for this session)

Faced with the daunting task of getting a big rig truck from Seattle to Denver, this session was split between two actual game sessions. The first session was a completely freeform session the players spent discussing ways in which their Drake Foundation run might be completed. This session ended with the party becoming honourary members of the Cascade Ork tribe, through Elder Growling Mountain, in order to gain access to the Salish-Sidhe Council.

The second session started with Phaede, bored with the plans they spent the last session creating, taking the big rig and driving it straight through the Salish-Sidhe Council border stop, sparking an armed military response from the Salish Rangers. When the rest of the party caught up with them, Phaede was having a heated argument face-to-face withRanger Three Bears, surrounded by Rangers aiming rifles at her, and being circled by several attack helicopters.

Fast talking by Casey, supported by her new full suit of armour taken from a rookie Knight Errant officer named Sam Murphy, and some fancy, live ARO forgery by Ziggy, convinced Three Bears she was, in fact, an incompetent KE officer, and that Phaede was her escaped prisoner. The situation deescalated, the Rangers arrested Phaede, and several officers drove her back towards the border while the Juicyfruits “confiscated” the big rig during some confusion caused by a band of Cascade Orks appearing on motorcycles and starting a timely brawl with the Rangers.

It seemed bad blood between Three Bears and a muscle bound Cascade Ork biker named Peter Owl Tree made the interference easy to negotiate, and Owl Tree himself started the brawl by sucker punching the officer in the face in the middle of the road.

Eventually, once far away from the biker brawl happening near the border, the Juicyfruits got themselves smuggled across the border into Sioux Nation by Blackbird of the Cascade Orks. They immediately had to go into hiding there, partially due to a fight Casey could not avoid with a drunk Troll in a motel, and partially because they were getting deep into turf run by the NAN Possee gang. They stayed in hiding there for an entire month.



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