The Chemical Atlas

Session 05b

Good Work Undone

Date: September 30, 2072

Digital Dossier: Tarnished Reputations

In this session, the Juicyfruits arranged a meet with a Mr Johnson in a strip club called “Making Hole” on the outskirts of Chyenne, Sioux Nation. They were surprised to find out it was Mr. Henderickson, who had been promoted to the “Deniable Assets” Department of WelWorx following the Boxcutter incident. They also met with Quicksilver, an Objebwe runner who had transported him to the club that he wanted signed onto the mission as well.

Henderickson, to repay them for saving his son, offered them an easy way to get themselves into Denver courtesy of his new power within Ares rather than performing the run he had intended to offer them. The Juicyfruits opted instead to do the run, which would also land them in Denver, but with a fatter wallet.

Henderickson, or “Mr. Johnson,” enlisted the Juicyfruits to break into a facility owned by HyperSun Research Industries and perform an extraction on Rose Has No Horse, who will also help them steal a backup of destroyed financial files that prove HSRI was illegally taking investment money from DeBeers-Omnitech.

The party broke into the HSRI facility in Cheyenne, successfully extracted Has No Horse, and, lacking the time to hack into CEO Iron Cloud’s personal work terminal for the juicy data, they physically ripped the entire private terminal, desk and all, out of its moorings from her office and carried the whole thing out with them. While exploring the building, they also discovered a series of old fashioned floppy disks in a burnt out office with an obscure project number on the door.

Finally, with Has No Horse’s full cooperation, the financial records copied, the floppies, and an entire private, unwired database belonging to the HSRI CEO, the party drove like mad out of Cheyenne. On their heels were the first signs of a military response to their infiltration of the facility, as arrowheads began embedding themselves into the big rig from the rooftops. Eventually they got out of the city, but as they drove towards the border, ravens began to appear in the sky in alarming numbers.

The ravens turned out to be military shamans who began to rain lightening spells on the Juicyfruits’ vehicles, but when they reached the border with Denver, the big rig had been fitted with legitimate Ares credentials and the Denver border guard to the UCAS district were waiting with guns ready. The Juicyfruits safely made it into Denver, delivered Has No Horse to the big Ares office, and drove the big rig to the loading docks of the Drake Foundation.

In a whirlwind encounter that left the party reeling, a ghoul woman, the exact doppelganger of Casey, gave them their payment, told them they were all certainly going to deserve it, herded them onto a VTOL, and suddenly, the Juicyfruits, with Quicksilver in tow, were back in Seattle without a single one of their questions answered about the jarring experience.

Part of their payment, however, was a wish owed them by the Foundation. With such a hefty, and dangerous, payment in pocket, there was little they could do but accept, even though the word spread the Juicyfruits worked with dragons.



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