The Chemical Atlas

Session 06

Lost in Time and Space

Date: Oct 1, 2072

Digital Dossier: The Buck Stops Here

This session was our first nonlinear session, and the events of the session did not occur to the players chronologically. This summary, however, is in linear order.

The Juicyfruits, in the most recent round of Trideo Arena, beat the reigning champs Witchhammer by a landslide. Their manager, Count Cocoa, responded by challenging the Juicy Fruits to a public battle of the bands. Stages were set up at either end of Boxcutter row with the intention of flying Witchhammer in for a rocking one-on-one jamfest.

Zero Point was introduced to the game getting off a Triad boat from Hong Kong with a massive delivery of recreational chemicals for the concert. Some Okaniwa-kai goons showed up at the dock, though, and accused Ziggy of aiding the Seatte Triads, to which Ziggy replied that a small book in his possession would suffice as his contribution to the family. Not accepting this, the goons attacked and were mostly slaughtered. Their leader was taken captive.

Not long after, Zero Point first encountered White Feathers, who asked him to deliver something to Phaede at the concert. Zero agreed after a brief staredown, but he was disturbed to see the room where White Feathers was keeping the package was filled with the ripped-apart bodies of what would later be identified as the Befolk Halloweeners. When Zero delivered package to Phaede, it contained a weapon focus punching dagger.

Getting ready for the show, the Okaniwa-kai captive was crucified on an errant telephone pole near the Juicyfruit stage. The Witchhammer stage was shrouded in a magical darkness sustained by a spirit, with the intention of staging an epic, revealing moment with their T-bird made its appearance in the sky. When the time came to begin the concert, however, Witchhammer was still in transit and the darkness fell away to reveal a different band being lead by none other than the man in the burnt jumpsuit, who immediately began to play a song.

The music had a strange influence on the people throughout Boxcutter Row, and hundreds of people in the audience cast off their street clothes to reveal Halloweener colours. As huge block war began between them and the Boxcutters, it became obvious they were better armed and tougher than anyone had seen this gang before. Both sides armed to the teeth, Boxcutter Row became a war zone capped by two concert stages.

The Juicyfruits began to play as well, and the music from the two stages both began to compete for influence over people. During this time,Just Casey made a virtual appearance as the Juicyfruit twins.

Not long after the fighting started the sky was filled with helicopters bearing DeBeers-Omnitech logos dropping strange, tiny, glowing jellyfish over the neighborhood. The jellyfish floated down as if the air was an ocean current into which they were settling. When people were touched by these they screamed and collapsed in pain. When the jellyfish eventually touched Phaede, White Feathers, and Quicksilver, they found themselves transported to a strange astral pocket space surrounded by what a green-veined membrane, along with a haloed beast and a little girl. White Feathers could only clutch his head and scream. The Beast, who identified himself as The Hungry Star, calls Phaede and Quicksilver his children and wanted to know where everyone else was. He also wanted to consume White Feathers.

Quicksilver tried to communicate the with The Hungry Star but found basic communication difficult at best. It didn’t seem to comprehend basic concepts such as pain or death. Quicksilver did manage to convince him, however, that White Feathers was poison and should not be consumed for safety reasons. Eventually, both Phaede and Quicksilver entered into the halo above the beast’s head and disappeared. It is a week after the events of that night before they reappeared on what was left of the stage.

While the bands were still growling back and forth at each other, and Boxcutters and Befolk Halloweeners were killing each other, the jellyfish swarm descended on friend and foe alike. Zero Point set up an emergency chemistry “lab” in an abandoned basement. Outside he could hear the sounds of explosions, screaming, gunfire, and children crying. In a few minutes, he had what he was looking for: a beaker filled with a strange glowing green liquid that, when shouted at it in anger, caused its beaker to explode.

He ran outside with his strange, emotionally reactive chemical and sprayed it into the jellyfish swarm. It spread rapidly through the swarm, and as the waves of violent musical hit the infected jellyfish they vibrated, turned a sickly grey, and fell to the ground dead.

As the swarm dissipated, the voice of Linda Swift could be heard on a loudspeaker on one of the helicopters shouting “I’ll kill you, you bastard, for what you did to Naledi!” At this time, the man in the burnt jumpsuit and his unknown band left the stage and disappeared into the shadows of Boxcutter.



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