The Chemical Atlas

Session 07

Clash of the Titans

Date: November 1, 2072

Digital Dossier: The Monster on the Radio Speaks

Part One

The Juicyfruits, while meeting with a Mr. Johnson, were assaulted by a group of heavily-armed NAN Posse members who called themselves the White Boy Cutters. Specifically, they traced a visit Ziggy paid to a doctor in Sioux Nation and, angry a Japanese man, much less a yakuza, had been aided by a Sioux doctor, they murdered the doctor and were coming after Ziggy and his teammates.

The fighting was intense but short. During the conflict, Zero Point dropped a gas grenade full of Warp at his own feet, which disabled both his opponent as well as Ziggy, who promptly disappeared.

Part Two

The Juicyfruits were hired to investigate the Drinkwater Institute by an unusual social adept Mr. Johnson who would later be revealed as Tiger Hoshi in disguise. After infiltrating the installation, and being assisted within the institute’s local-access-only matrix systems by Jack Frost, the Juicyfruits acquired the database containing detailed information on the test subjects of Project Wishing Star.

Part Three

Quicksilver mentioned to White Feathers that one of the White Boy Cutters, who had been invisible the entire fight, had escaped them when Zero Point dropped his grenade. White Feathers revealed both that he knew exactly who the Cutters were as well as that their missing man, Sweet, was a child molester.

In a display of his own powerful and myserious initiations, White Feathers led Phaede and Quicksilver in a ritual casting of the Manabolt spell in the middle of the streets of Boxcutter Row. This public ritual attracted the attention of the residents of Boxcutter, first with tremendous fear, and then with growing loss of sanity as the power of White Feather’s spell began to bleed into the surrounding environment.

The spell was guided by a watcher spirit, who had found Sweet unconscious and unwell behind a dumpster about a half a mile from the cafe where they had fought the Juicyfruits. The spell left behind little more than a wet stain, and White Feathers let his astral signature remain there as a warning.

Part Four

Quicksilver and Phaede, without warning, were attacked by the villianous man in the burnt jumpsuit, who seemed determined to eliminate Phaede, but in a show of powerful spells and nimble parkour, the two shamans finally brought down the murderous figure. When they removed his helmet, however, he turned out to be a she, and she was a spitting image of Phaede.

It was found out this was a toxic shaman named Wolf Teeth. who was being hunted by Linda Swift and her rogue battalion of DeBeers-Omnitech paramilitary soldiers. Wolf Teeth was responsible for the massive firebombing bombing of a playground in California, which killed a small girl named Naledi Swift, who was a clone of the same series as the insane shaman. Naledi’s memories were transferred into a new clone, who showed the promise of awakening, and released into the Seattle streets. This new clone would blame herself for the disaster as an accidental side effect of her Awakening, and would serve as a useful scapegoat if the project ever came under scrutiny for the event, which it obviously did not, as the terrorist group EcoFist! took full responsibility.

This knowledge in hand, the team decided to try to sell Wolf Teeth, alive, to the ruthless and still-grieving Linda Swift. Through Mellow Yellow, they made contact with an eccentric hobo named Papa Banquise who summoned a strange spirit that forced itself into Wolf Teeth and held her still. Unfortunately, Wolf Teeth managed to weaken the spirit holding it and used her remaining strength to summon her very mentor spirit, Toxic Wolf.

Toxic Wolf was the size of several Stuffer Shacks, black and oily to the scent and to the sickening touch, and began to wreck havoc on the ghetto and its inhabitants. Phaede, the Juicyfruits, and everyone in Boxcutter did what little they could, but the terrifying attack of the Abomination seemed to pale in comparison to this. Lady Macbeth and Whitefeathers managed to weaken it with a banishing, but the effort nearly killed even them.

During the conflict, Phaede made contact with her own mentor spirit, Wolf, who agreed to intervein in exchange for the gaes that Phaede would gather shamans to pursue Toxic Wolf, and all its cubs, into the astral and there wage a final war against it. Wolf manifested directly in Phaede and attacked its Toxic nemesis.

While the two spirits wrestled with each other, a sasquatch named Timbit was caught between them trying to deliver a message to Quicksilver. In an unusual display, while Click’s medical drone, operated by an adept machine sprite, juggled the Sasquatch’s organs and intestines back into their places and stitched patches of meat together in a flurry of whirring, clicking mechanical arms, Quicksilver reached into the astral and wrestled with his old friend’s soul while it tried to depart from its dying flesh. Barely, just barely, the soul agreed to go back into its seat of meat, but in doing so became subtly entangled with Quicksilver’s.


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