The Chemical Atlas

Session 08

The False Chemical Wedding

Date: Dec 1, 2072

Digital Dossier: The Magnum Opus of Tire Iron Davies

Part One

Tipped off that there was contact between Johan the Johan and Mulligan, the dwarf to whom Just Casey sold her old detective business, the Juicyfruits investigated him to find out that the little man was no dwarf at all – he had been surgically altered to appear to be a dwarf and fitted with a burned-in personafix skillsoft to make him really believe he was Mulligan. Angry, the Juicyfruits gave him to Hacko to feed to his ghoul family.

They then brought the Mulligan Irregulars, a network of street kids, to Boxcutter Row and set them up in the newly-bought warehouse Just Casey purchased. To their surprise, Redeyes had Boxcutters make sure they had a few blankets and bags of food.

Part Two

Greg the Troll and his fiance, Anthony, were to be married in a Catholic church, and wanting the shadow community involved in the event, they hired the Juicyfruits as their wedding planners. Members of both of their families were in attendance, as well as whomever could cram themselves into the church for the celebrity event.

During the ceremony, however, both Greg and Anthony were revealed to be the Casey twins from the Wounds of Odin in disguise, and the private security service was revealed to be in their employ. The security service fired assault rifles into the crowd but their bullets did not land.

In the light from the stain glass windows, the Hungry Star appeared and claimed Zero Point as his own, and it was at this time that Zero Point both Awakened and Emerged. During his awakening, he could see into the physical, the astral, and the VR matrix all simultaniously. As he did so, all three dimension began to bleed into each other, and the presence of Zero cause each to affect the other.

A paladin sprite compiled by Click protected the crowd from the security guard’s rifle fire, and as it did so he created a link from this node to SharpNET. Once there, Squeaker 2.0 ripped a hole in the nodes that forced the entirety of the cathedral’s occupants, including those involved in the matrix war that was erupted in the local matrix spaces, into the deep matrix node.

It was there that Tire Iron appeared and the Mosquito merged his persona with that of both Johan the Johan and Jack Frost, revealing that Tire Iron was, in fact, all three people. Confronted with this fact, the members of Frost’s technomancer cult and the Wounds of Odin dispersed.


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