The Chemical Atlas

Session 01

Sarariman in a Strange Land

Date: July 1, 2072

Digial Dossier: The Spirit of Karma

In this session, Lady Macbeth enlists the aid of the Juicyfruits to find and help a man in a sharp suit asking all the wrong questions in Boxcutter Row. He turned out to be Jonathan Hendrickson, a salesman for WelWorx Industries (of Ares), looking to save his son, Grinder, a member of the Red Rats street gang in danger of being killed in the recently-lost war between them and the rival gang, the Iron Sharks.

After saving Hendrickson from a roving band of tech-gangers, the Juicyfruits followed a few leads, investigating secret hiding places in Boxcutter, until clues led them to a prostitute named Candy on Stripper Lane, who said Grinder got scared when some Iron Sharks came looking for him. She told him he was hiding in the Boxcutter’s only Stuffer Shack.

It was at the time the party realized their communications were unencrypted, and sure enough, Click, using an aerial drone, confirmed there were a band of Iron Sharks mobilizing and heading to the Shack. It was during this reconnaissance that Click saw the oncoming storm of Halloweeners making their way across the city in a multitude of vehicles. The warning shout went out, and the Iron Sharks, instead of storming the Shack to take out Grinder, fortified the location and battened down for a fight.

The Blue Angels hit the scene as well, and when the Halloweeners hit, there was a massive firefight in the street. Gangers, it turns out, are little match for drones with full auto capabilities, however, and waves of them were wiped out. Angry and refusing to give in, the Halloweeners made one last ditch attack on the Shack and a suicide bomber ran a massive improvised explosive device through the door and blew the Shack to pieces.

Lucky for him, the Casey knocked Grinder out with a tranquilizer before the fight and stuffed him in Ziggy’s car, which drove him remotely to a safe place.



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