Ork Blackfoot Security Specialist Technomancer


Real Name: Zuriel Walks With Fire


Click is a player character and member of the Juicyfruits.

Divergent Memories

Click’s Original Memories

Click is a member of the Blackfoot tribe, raised in the Sioux Nation, and was university educated to become a security consultant for the Horizon megacorporation in Los Angeles. When he submerged as a technomancer, he hired a runner team to extract him from a corporate mall in Seattle for fear his corporation would want to perform experiments on him.

The Cold Reality

Click is a clone, created in Los Angeles, and submerged shortly after his activation and memory implantation. He was intelligent enough to be afraid for his life and extracted himself.


The team Click hired to extract him consisted of Phaede, Just Casey, and Ziggy before they solidified as the Juicyfruits. He was given the blessing of Lady Macbeth to live in Boxcutter Row, and began running the shadows with his new contacts and trying to find out more about exactly what he was. He has worked towards serving the team as a network and intelligence hub through his heavily modified van, the Hive, and his network of assorted drones. Information retrieval or manipulation, physical stealth, perception, and environmental analysis of all kinds have proven to be Click’s forté.


Click, when he first arrived in Boxcutter Row, was selfish, entitled, and used to a much more comfortable lifestyle than the one he found there. Despite all that he made a real effort at changing his ways and truly became a part of the communities around him. Not much of a smooth talker, however, he is infamous for putting his foot in his mouth at the worst possible times. Because of this, he is unwelcome in Hacko’s clinic. Click is especially protective of Lady Macbeth, whom he calls “Mama.”


By day, Click holds a “day job” as DJ Mu, whom he advertises as “The Monster on the Radio.” His DJing is moderately successful, and he has created some exceptional music by working in the matrix with his sprites. His contributes can also be heard in the Juicyfruits submissions in the California Trideo Area.


When Click first joined the Juicyfruits, he was in contact with a matrix personality called the Alchemist, accompanied by a sentient matrix wolf icon, and haunted by a disturbing, dark matrix presence. During a Deep Matrix journey, however, under the direction of the Alchemist, he discovered all three of these presences to be, in fact, emanations of himself. By “recompiling” their code back into himself, he was able to open a path up a mountain in a matrix node within his own mind. By reaching the top, he became Submerged.

Click received a matrix widget called the Wand of the Alchemist from the Alchemist before Click, under his direction, beheaded him as part of the personal recompile.

Since then, Click was invited into a Deep Matrix node called The Diner, run by an old man icon who calls himself Old Man Reece and haunted by a mysterious entity called simply Leroy. Reece provided Click with several deep matrix connections to SharpNET and the Wireless Kingdom of Judah before revealing himself as the paragon 01 and claiming Click as his own.

Ork Communities

Click worked hard, and succeeded, in becoming a member of the Seattle Ork Underground by becoming associated with a very well connected ork fixer named White Tusk. Despite being, at times obviously, not from Seattle, the ork circles have accepted him as one of his own.

At the same time, through his contact Raqggg, he has become involved in the Cascade Ork tribe in the Salish-Sidhe Council. He has slowly found out that ork culture, while being very brood-minded, is also prone to us vs them relations with other broods, and found there to be clashes between the Seattle and Salish-Sidhe camps whenever there was no common enemy.

Click was involved in the discovery of the Orcish Cathedral buried under the Bananahead Club before it was destroyed, inadvertently, by Witchhammer. There he liberated several relics Phaede confirmed to be powerful magic foci. He gave a coin to White Tusk and a chalice to Raqggg.

Drake Foundation and Squeaker 2.0

Click used his wish with the Drake Foundation to wish for contact with a free sprite, which led to the assassination of recovering BTL addict Chippie Swanson. Chippie was, unbeknownst to anyone, emerging as a technomancer. At the moment of his emergence he was executed by someone White Feathers had allowed to track him. The sprite he compiled had been created from the software fragments of several BTL files he and his dead girlfriend Little Squeaker had made together.

The newly compiled crack sprite, Squeaker 2.0, became a free upon Chippie’s death and was indistinguishable from Little Squeaker in every way. She even had all of her memories. Knowing nothing of what she was and being very scared, she sought out Click, whom she knew had a strange way with matrix stuff. Click took her under his wing, and voluntarily undertook a Deep Matrix journey, and as part of his initiation into the Wireless Kingdom of Judah, to recover her source code. They found it in an idyllic meadow node buried beneath a dark, nonfunctional place in the matrix hosted in a fragment of brain tissue that had been installed into the power grid of the old Renraku Archology and forgotten about since being retrofitted as the ACHE. This node also served as host for the Recursive Oni, a surviving shard of the SCIRE of which the Wireless Kingdom had become aware.

Since acquiring her source code, Squeaker 2.0 has become a matrix resident of Boxcutter Row and had to intervene when Click implied to Red Eyes that he had slept with Little Squeaker behind Chippie’s back, who then tried to kill him.

Master Shredder

Click, through a loophole in his wish with the foundation, requested that an AI be visited upon Quicksilver’s assault rifle / electric guitar, Master Shredder. The intelligence that visited Quicksilver seems to have branched off from its main programming, wherever that came from, as an AI unto itself. This AI took the name Master Shredder and immediately began obsessing over its primary subroutines, which were mostly financial in nature.

Master Shredder immediately began wrecking havoc by crashing a plane into Boxcutter Row to boost live video ratings and sales, which nearly killed Phaede. Since then, M. S. has become somewhat more sophisticated, and agreed to wipe Click from Horizon’s megacorporate databases.

The Wireless Kingdom of Judah

Click is an “elder” of an underground secret society of technomancers called the Wireless Kingdom of Judah, who accepted him into their ranks based on his reputation and something unusual about his living matrix persona that was different than the rest of the kingdom, that allowed him to get near enough to the Recursive Oni to engage it in combat. This variance in his persona was a remnant of an experimental contagion that had infected him during a run on a HyperSun Research Industries facility in Cheyenne, Sioux Nation. This masked his resonance subtly, just enough that the Oni could not sense when he was getting near, and once Click found the Meadow Node, he was able to use the resonance well inside it to purge the genetic virus from his system, as well as the rest of the Juicyfruits.


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