Demon Lips

Lead Guitarist and Black Magician


Demon Lips was a late addition to Witchhammer after the death of their first lead guitarist, a mundane by the name of Tinsel. Initially, she didn’t get along well with the other members of Witchhammer. She was a cocky prima donna when she joined up, knowing that she was one of the best guitar players on the market at the time. It wasn’t until she had a nasty run in with her own past that the group closed ranks around her.

She made a personal enemy in the shadows who made his way backstage at one of their concerts and caught her off guard with a narcojet injection and shock gloves. This rival runner and his “team” of two gangbangers stuffed her in the back of a car, but Demon Lips had turned on her commlink and left the channel open. Count Cocoa managed to get the signal traced and they recorded the entire car chase and subsequent annihilation of the kidnappers. Demon Lips did some lead vocals over the footage for a single called “Hell Wind for the Wicked,” and after that incident, she was one with the family.

Demon Lips had parents in various punk bands, and she toured around as a roadie and groupie for a few of the big names at the time. She learned martial arts from roadies and carnies she ended up traveling with, and eventually, though never formally trained, she was formidable even before her awakening. Now, in the band media, she is the depraved serial killer that won’t die, but she also wears skimpy, cut-up dresses and paints her face wildly with smeared makeup before shows.


Demon Lips

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