Ork Bass Player and Back Magician


Frankenbastard is the ork bassist for Witchhammer, he almost exclusively uses support magic, and he, along with Only-She-Whispers, write the lyrics for their songs. He wears a ripped up, old-fashioned suit with a top hat, and he is often mistaken for a large human.

Frankenbastard is often seen by fans as Only-She-Whispers’ protégé, however, it was actually him who introduced her to the underground. In the band’s media, he is usually the Igor to Only-She-Whisper’s Dr Franktenstein, which is an irony they both savour. In the band’s extensive literature, Only-She-Whispers is sometimes surprised by the endless pits of depravity that lurk under his heavy brows.

Frankenbastard is the most mercenary member of the coven, and he nearly derailed the band numerous times by refusing to go on stage when he did not feel the payout was enough. He is also surprisingly is prone to violent outbursts when he sees someone getting mistreated, especially women and goblinoids.

He is also a painter, and did most of the original artwork for the band himself, and there are rumors that he is secretly a fine arts painter on display in galleries in Seattle.



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