Lead Singer and Black Magician


Inquisitor is the lead singer of Witch Hammer and husband to Organ Grinder. He is a very tall man, 6’7” who wears a red robe, similar to a cardinal’s robe in the Catholic church, with a chainmail shirt over top of it. His face is covered with occult symbols referencing what he refers to as the “sky demon choir,” and he follows the mentor spirit Skyfather. In combat situations, he only has a few spells in his repertoire but he’s good at casting them. He is very fond of his laser spell, which is a fan favorite in music videos. His most often-used weapon, however, is a wicked, ornate, heavy mace he keeps on his belt.

His real focus is on detection magic, which he also uses to judge whether or not people are worthy of living. He has a temper, though, and his pride is often the weak point in the party.

On stage and during confrontations, Inquisitor is the front man and shoots first, usually with a laser spell. There is usually a good amount of finger pointing and fist pumping while he’s delivering his long-winded speeches of doom to his opponents. Personally, Inquisitor is actually the most quiet when he’s off-stage and is a design major with a penchant for poster design and animated films. He’s also a BTL addict with a large collection of ret-conned classic animated movies from the 20th century in BTL format. When he’s not working on album art in his AR or tripped out on BTLs, he can be found playing AR board games, particularly chess, with Organ Grinder at cafes where they can maintain their band image without having to be loud and obvious.



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