Just Casey

Human Social Adept Detective / Supermodel


Real Name: Cassandra Elysia Finnegan


Just Casey is a player character and member of the Juicyfruits.


Just Casey is part of a Project Wishing Star clone series released as an infant into the Seattle orphanage system as an effort to study the variations these clones would have as they grew up. Casey quickly slipped through their fingers, however, as her unique gifts began to manifest. When she turned 12 years of age, she received a parcel supposedly from her dead parents containing a pair of extendible forearms snap blades with an unusual sigil etched on its back. She later discovered this was a weapon focus, and was her only ties to her family.

She bounced around in the orphanage system for a few years after that until she was taken in by a warm elven family willing to take in non-elven children. Casey learned Sperethiel at a young age living with them.

When she turned 16, two important things happened. First, she was approached by a Yakuza recruiter, whose offer of “a new life” she rejected. Second, her powers began to fully manifest themselves, and Casey began finding talking to people easier and easier. She learned that people trusted her more if she ticked her eyelashes at certain moments, or that holding her shoulders just so seemed to rile people up and get them in a fighting mood.

It wasn’t until her facial bones began obeying her as well that she realized other people could not do the things she could, and so Casey came into her social adept powers, without ever telling anyone. As she grew, the little latin lady learned she could be anyone she wanted to be within certain limits, but she would spend the rest of her life stretching, and sometimes breaking, those limits.


Casey grew up getting good at being other people, going with the social flow, and getting exceptionally good at deciding when Fate should take the wheel for a while. She got to know the Yakuza scene she rejected as a teenager by becoming Japanese and spending time in yakuza hangouts as different men and women each night, and even allowing herself the occasional winning hand of poker there.

She also spent time finding her perfect face, and once she “made” it, it wasn’t long before Ms. Storme, an awakened modeling agent, read Casey’s aura while scouting for talent and could see exactly what she was. Storme took her under her wing, shielding her aura while Casey learned how to do it herself, and helped her become the supermodel Arcadia 9.

Finally, her inability to be just one thing at one time naturally led her into private detective gig, where she could really flex her powers of social persuasion and mimicry. She eventually sold her business to an angry little dwarf named Mulligan, but kept in touch with all the homeless kids she met on the way. Her first taste of the shadows came when her name reached the ear of Cpt. Holstein of Knight Errant, who occasionally hired her to scope out a scene he couldn’t trust with an officer. Sometimes, he needed her to do a little work off the police record.

When she met the Juicyfruits she was living a triple life: Arcadia 9 by day, deep undercover investigator for Holstein by night, and high stakes negotiator and trick shot in the shadows of both.


Because of her history, Casey is very good at being who circumstances need her to be, but she never became very good at being Casey. Just Casey. Her highrise apartment building is largely automated but entirely set to the original factory default settings, and her kitchen counter is notoriously full of the discarded celery stalks she plucks out her automatically chilled and served glasses of diet cronk. It just never occurs to her to change it.

In the short term, She is equally at home in a squatter’s hellhole as she is in a five+ star hotel, but Casey never forgets where she came from. She aims for a life filled with the luxuries she was never able to have as a child, and as someone who can be whoever she wants to be, it is easy for her to have a little fame and fortune without getting a lot of hassle. For now.

Because she grew up as an orphan, however, Casey has a soft spot for people left alone in this world. Sometimes she forgoes money if she has the chance to do “the right thing.”


Casey contributes to the Juicyfruits through her powerhouse powers of persuasion and the occasional good luck charm. When timing is critical, Casey has a certain way of accomplishing the nigh impossible, including the near destruction of a drone with a single shot fired from a light pistol. She is not a front line fighter, but she makes up for her lack of muscle with the judicious use of lots of troll tranquilizers. Goodnight, sweet security guards.

As her contribution to the California Trideo Arena submissions, Casey plays the part of the Juicyfruit Twins, “two” models notorious for only ever seen dancing in their videos.

Path of the Manifold Way

The Path of the Manifold Way is the name Casey has given to her calling, though it has only been within the last few months some of the hard realities of that calling have come to light. She is one of four known social adepts from her own clone series. When Casey tries hard, she can get glimpses and images of what the other three are doing or thinking. Sometimes, they can feel her, too.

Her inclinations and personal calling, as well as her lack of identity, may stem directly from the adept nature of her and her clone selves. It seems to be something they all have in common, too.

The first two other clones she does not have names for, though she knows they work with a dangerous anti-metahuman cult called the Wounds of Odin. It was them who sent her the weapon focus in an effort to recruit her early on, but even they lost track of her eventually. The extendible claws bear the symbol of the Wounds of Odin, and, according to Mellow Yellow, was enchanted by some people into some bad karma in Atlanta. During the False Wedding of Greg and Anthony, these two had taken the place of Greg and his husband in an attempt to ambush the Juicyfruits and, of course, ruin the wedding of two trolls. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Tiger Hoshi is the remaining clone, who joined the Yakuza at a young age in an attempt to escape the machinations of the Wounds of Odin, who had found her and wanted her either with them or dead. Hoshi holds a position of some importance with the Shotozumi-rengo in Seattle, though what that position is isn’t entirely clear. It was Hoshi who revealed the conflict between Jack Frost and the Wounds of Odin, and she would do anything to help take down the dangerous, Atlanta-based cult. She remains strictly at arms length, and even though she knows for sure Casey is not a threat, she is wary of the other two taking Casey’s place. Hoshi also bears a set of extendible claws, though the sigil has been beaten out of hers.

Boxcutter Row

Just Casey has become attached to the people of Boxcutter Row during her time spent running in its shadows. She has watched many of its residents die hard, painful deaths, and seen them pick up the pieces as if they were used to it. She knows better.

She and the other Juicfruits bought some ransacked warehouses and are converting them into businesses where the Boxcutters can find work. Personally, she is having “Arcadia 9” hear about the plight of the neighbourhood (which has been on the news) and decide to open her own production facility there. Grateful, Redeyes offered Boxcutter protection services during renovations in exchange for Boxcutter employment.

She is also helping Phaede, who lost so much of her Blue Angels family, to start a career in modeling as well.

Just Casey

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