Keyboardist and Black Magician


If Inquisitor is the voice of Witch Hammer, Only-She-Whispers is the soul. Inquisitor leads a kind of double-life, balancing his need for quiet with his need to scream on stage, but Only-She-Whispers is a full-time sadist. She is a professional dominatrix on the side, and occasionally her clients allow her to use them in photos for the band. She has written fourteen novels detailing the fictional adventures of the band as they travel through a strange world of heavy metal clich├ęs, battling evil wizards, starting epic orgies, and harvesting the souls of the dead. She also primarily writes the lyrics along with Frankenbastard. Explicit images in the music videos insinuate that she has sexual contact with the spirits she summons, and it’s not entirely certain that she doesn’t.

On stage, Only-She-Whispers is usually too focused on her keyboard to do much in the way of theatrics, though when she looks up she licks her lips and gives knowing looks to the audience. She is a very accomplished and classically trained pianist. On runs, she is a conjuring machine, and while she always carries a stun baton, she almost never uses it.

She wears an intricate blue latex jumpsuit clearly enchanted with a sustained armour spell, inlaid with silver occult symbols.



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