Organ Grinder

Drummer and Black Magician


Organ Grinder always dresses to the nines in a pressed (and armoured) lavender suit, and has a preference for light pastels in all things. He is married to Inquisitor, and there is plenty of homoerotic art of the two of them in the band media, though it’s usually interpreted as a statement about nobility and the church or powers-that-be.

Organ Grinder was actually a model hired to do light S&M scenes for band promotions early on. Organ Grinder came from an average, white, UCAS family of corporate middle income who never approved of his sexuality. His rebellion took the form of being as foppish and as “stereotypically gay” as he could manage, though that stage of his youth is behind him now.

He is a child of the Horned Man, and he is especially proficient in Illusion magic. He is fiercely loyal to the band and particularly to his husband, and despite his image in the band media as generally submissive, Organ Grinder is perhaps the most outright dangerous member of the coven due to his lack of self-restraint and his overtly sadistic nature.


Organ Grinder

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