Zef Human Wolf Shaman Ganger


Rea Name: Naledi Phaedra Swift


Phaede is a player character and a member of the Juicyfruits.

Divergent Memories

Phaede’s Original Memories

Phaede is the teenage daughter of the Swift family from Azania. Her parents were both emplyed by DeBeers-Omnitech and moved to the California Free State for company business. It was there she awakened, in a playground, which caused an explosion that killed dozens of children and their families. She was smuggled out of the country and into the UCAS by the startled members of TerraFist!, an ecoterrorist cell who were planning a much smaller explosion of their own in the area. They later took the credit for it.

The Cold Reality

Phaede was implanted with the memories of another clone, the own who was raised as Naledi by the Swift family as their own, after she was killed by Wolf Teeth, an insane clone of the same series as Phaede and Naledi, who escaped the research facility in California and began exterminating her other clones. The burnt jump suit she always wore turned out to belong to Jonathan Swift, Naledi’s brother, who helped her to hunt clones when she revealed the truth to him. He was killed accidentally when her toxic spirit got out of control in the playground, killing him along with Naledi and the other children.

Phaede was then dumped in the streets of Seattle as a potential scapegoat in case DeBeers-Omnitech needed someone to blame for the bombing.

Boxcutter Row and the Blue Angels

Phaede awakened as a wolf shaman not long after she was dumped and forgotten by her company. She wandered for about a year as a homeless 16 year old until she wandered into Boxcutter Row and was taken to see Lady Macbeth, who tutored her as a shaman. She and White Feathers developed a paternal relationship with the headstrong girl, who opted to remain in Boxcutter and joined up with the Blue Angels streetgang.

Phaede found herself a family for the next few years with the Blue Angels, and she gained a reputation for ambushing rival gang members while using invisibility spells. When Wolf Teeth caught up with her, disguised in the burnt out husk of Jonathan Swift’s jumpsuit, she began plotting the destruction of Phaede’s new family, furious that this clone had become her opposite in many ways. Phaede, the other Juicyfruits, and the Boxcutters resisted three attempts at the destruction of the neighbourhood.


Phaede is a mean adrenaline addicted shaman who fights impulsively, usually while invisible, and owns a wide array of disturbing melee weapons, Hello Kitty painted firearms, and single-target combat spells. The youngest Juicyfruit by far, Phaede is 19 years old and secretly still in love with the girly things she “remembers” from a better life. On the surface, however, she’s a bubble gum chewing, parkouring, Kamikaze-addled AR game junkie to whom tactics is often a question of why the target hasn’t been cut in half yet, and the fastest route by which that can be accomplished.

Wolf Teeth

Wolf Teeth launched three attempts to destroy Phaede’s life. The first was the release of an Abomination into the streets while the Juicyfruits were distracted. The second was the training and coordinated assault on Boxcutter by the Befolk Halloweeners, which was interrupted by the biological weapon attacks by Linda Swift. The third was a direct attack on her and Quicksilver, followed by the summoning of her very mentor spirit, Toxic Wolf.

Wolf Teeth would have died from the summoning, but Phaede stabilized her before confronting the spirit. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

During the conflict she very nearly died when Master Shredder, to increase the sales of video footage of the fight, hijacked and crashed a commercial airliner into the two fighting wolves. To save many of the people in Boxcutter Row, including Lady Macbeth and Gutterball, Phaede devoured as much of the crashing plane as she could while she was still manifesting her mentor spirit. There were no survivors of the plane crash, but Boxcutter was kept safe. Relatively.

Gutterball personally paid her medical bills, which required incredibly invasive surgery, including a new, cybernetic trachea, jaw, front torso, and spinal tail, all of which dealt irreversible damage to her Awakened nature. In exchange for saving her life, and for unknown reasons of her own, Gutterball has pledged her life in Phaede’s service.

After the False Wedding

As more members of the Blue Angels and died, and has she has grown older and wiser amongst the Juicyfruits, Phaede has begun branching her life away from and beyond gang wars. Just Casey is helping her to become a fashion model under her own new label, Sombra Nevada, and she has been gaesed by her mentor spirit, Wolf, to form a new warrior society to fight Toxic Wolf, and its followers, into oblivion.


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