Squeaker 2.0

Free Warrior Sprite


Squeaker 2.0 is a fierce warrior free sprite that was compiled by Chippie just before his mysterious death following his Submersion. She is a recompiling of personna information contained in home-made simsense files that he and Little Squeaker made together before she was killed in a gunfight in the basement of Hacko’s clinic.

Her personality is indistinguishable from Little Squeaker’s, including her temper, and she seems to have retained all her memories as well.

Since then, Click was able to obtain and give Squeaker 2.0 her source code through the destruction of the Recursive Oni and the resonance realm he found beyond it. She is now an entirely free sprite, and she cannot be registered by any technomancer for any reason.

Squeaker 2.0

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