Zero Point

Impossibly Awakened and Emerged Chemist Troll


Zero Point is a player character and a member of the Juicyfruits.


Divergent Memories

Zero Point’s Original Memories

Zero Point’s history is still not public knowledge, though he, like the other clone members of the Juicyfruits, was surprised to learn about his nature. The only things that is publicly known about him is that he spent a lot of time in Hong Kong, he is originally from Great Britain, he’s a brilliant chemist, and he’s incredible in a fist fight. He also moved through Boxcutter, albeit briefly, years before the other Juicyfruits set up there.

The Cold Reality

Zero Point learned that he was developed in a laboratory tank in Vladivostok shortly before he began globe trotting and ended up in Hong Kong.


Zero Point is fastidious to the point of compulsion, and he occasionally finds himself in a bout of distraction when he is unable to wash his hands punctually. He does not appear in public without wearing a very expensive, custom-tailored, three piece suit. Despite his first impression of sophistication, Zero actually abhors what he considers “polite and proper society,” and is especially fond of inexpensive, pulp, serial fiction, of which he consumes a quantity nearly as significant as that of which he consumes in psychedelic substances and neurotoxins.

Differences of fact, however, are the subject of his love and devotion. He is unusually intelligent for a troll, and especially for one who consumes vast quantities of recreational and dangerous chemicals. There is something downright Sherlock Holmes about the manner in which Zero conducts either an experiment or an investigation, but it does mean he can be a little rough around the edges when he’s focused on a task.

Mind Body Soul Research

Zero Point’s obsession with logic has led him down a path of the exploration of the metaphysical reality of the Sixth World from the point of view of pure chemistry. Zero has spent the majority of his life experimenting with his own body chemistry, and has conducted lengthy experiments on everything from common painkillers to powerful, awakened serums designed to make metahumans into killing machines. This has led him to maintaining very specific and unusual body and brain chemistry that accentuate both his reflexes and his intellect.

To maintain these levels, Zero Point takes a cocktail of substances every morning which he infuses into a dose of Warp, a very dangerous psychedelic that can has killed more than a few thrill seekers on their very first hit. Zero not only relies on the substance as a catalyst for certain compounds but has somehow developed an immunity to it. Zero produces all the chemicals he imbibes himself, and often makes them 1.5 to 2 times as potent as what can be acquired on the streets.

Needless to say, there are few men and women more qualified to expound on the highs and lows of getting royally fucked. Zero also has a reputation for producing substances and compounds that have very unusual properties, like emotional reactions and active suppression of the awakened state.

The Hungry Star, Awakening, and Emergence

Zero’s obsession with the truth and self perfection brought him to the attention of the Hungry Star, a strange astral being encountered within the jellyfish swarm during Linda Swift’s biological attack on Boxcutter Row. When he was touched by the being during the conflict with the Wounds of Odin, Zero both Awakened and Emerged at the same time as a result of the delicate chemical state he maintains in his body and his experimental genetic structure as a product of Project Wishing Star.

Hungry Star claims Zero Point as one of his children, along with Phaede and Quicksilver. He / She / It has also asked several times where the “others” were, though what it means by this, and who the others might be, remains a mystery. Communication with it remains frustrating since no matter what language is uses to communicate, it seems to struggle with the underlying concepts, let alone the words used to express them.

Zero Point can modify his bodily chemistry, through what has become his morning ritual of Warp intake, to alternate between his Awakened and Emerged states, though he is not able to be both simultaneously. Through his careful study on the chemistry of consciousness, he essentially developed a highly experimental chemical state by which he forced his own development, not unlike some of the projects in America during the 1960’s. Only time will tell what kinds of effects this has on the troll, though, as not even he had any idea this would happen or what it entails.

Zero Point

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