Human Yakuza Hacker / Rigger


Real Name: Ziggy. That’s right, dude doesn’t even use a handle.


Ziggy is a player character and a member of the Juicyfruits.

Divergent Memories

Ziggy’s Original Memories

Ziggy grew up a member of a Shotozumi-rengo kai in the California Free State in the San Fransisco Bay area who was stripped of his family status. Sort of. Ziggy caught his own anti-metahuman oyabun in bed with an ork and threatened to go public with it. Rather than risk that, his oyabun sent him away without ever actually acknowledging his absence.

Not able to really find a kai in California with so much unexplained about his departure, he left for Seattle and a new chapter of the rengo to deal with altogether.

The Cold Reality

Ziggy was dumped on the streets with a head full of Yakuza culture and a completely fabricated backstory by Project Wishing Star. He immediately started making a name for himself as the ronin Yakuza of Seattle, and was constantly under attack from the Okaniwa-kai, who figured he would be an easy opponent they could claim credit for. They were sorely mistaken.


Ziggy found his way to Boxcutter Row as it seemed like a place where he could lay low when he needed and find work without too much hassle. It was also home to Stripper Lane. Once there, Ziggy began employing his incredible familiarity with hardware, software, and vehicles to be both digital lockpick and heavy firepower when it was needed.

There is a lot of mistrust between him and Redeyes. Ziggy considers Redeyes a punk without the right to rule his Boxcutters, and Redeyes considers Ziggy a yakuza threat to take the neighbourhood away from the them. They have never directly clashed, and they both know that, if they ever do, it would spark a turf war neither one of them wants to fight. At least, not yet…


Ziggy holds the ideals of the yakuza high, and considers “honest” “business” important. More than that, however, he values bravado and flash, and displays both whenever the opportunity presents itself and to the intensity to which he can get away with. Sometimes he even burns too bright for his own good. When treated with disrespect he is quick to reply in kind.

Ziggy doesn’t use a handle, and it’s can’t be certain Ziggy even considers what he does shadowrunning. He hacks and he rigs, he gets paid, and that’s just what he does. He doesn’t attempt to hide what he does or what he is, after all, he is still yakuza at heart.

Back in the Family

Ziggy, with the aid of the Juicyfruits, was able to regain a place in the newly conquered Watanabe-kai as the Shatei-gashira. This position means he serves under the oyabun’s general as a second, but is allowed the autonomy to pursue his own agendas until Watanabe desires his presence. Specifically, Watanabe purchased some of the abandoned warehouses in Boxcutter Row from the DeBeers-Omnitech real estate sale and gave Ziggy the job of turning them into something profitable.

To regain this position, he and the Juicyfruits kidnapped the son and only heir of Mitsuhamma Computer Technologies from a secret, medieval Japanese castle hidden inside a massive skyscraper.

The heir, “Little Tiger” Hoshi, went peacefully, being immediately aware of who they were and why they had come. His kidnapping allowed MCT and the Shotozumi-rengo to call off an all-out war that had been building up since a huge amount of missing military equipment was missing from the Tsimshian. Speaking of which…

Drake Foundation

Ziggy used his wish with the Drake Foundation to fufill one of his lifelong dreams – to own the ultimate Dekotora truck with enough firepower to start his own independent nation. What he received exceeded even his expectations, however, as he later found out the Foundation had liberated the millions of dollars of munitions and weapons systems from an MCT military base in the Tsimshian. MCT blamed the Seattle Yakuza for this theft, and Watanabe hatched a plan to bring Ziggy into his new kai (by killing oyabun Okaniwa). Watanabe demanded the entire truck be returned to MCT, unfortunately.


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