Gangs, Cults, and Fanatics

There are many gangs and underground organizations that exist in the world of shadowrun, but only those who have made an appearance in the Chemical Atlas will be listed here.


Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are a street gang that ruled a little neighbourhood called Boxcutter Row before its inhabitants organized into a well-armed watch group called the Boxcutters, which included the surviving members of the street gang. Phaede is a member of the nearly-defunct gang.

Iron Sharks and the Red Rats

The Iron Sharks and Red Rats were street gangs in the area of Boxcutter Row who went to war against each other. The Red Rats were wiped out by the Iron Sharks, who were then largely wiped out during a raid on Boxcutter Row by the Halloweeners. Grinder was a member of the Red Rats but was extracted from Redmond by his corporate father, Mr. Henderickson.


The Halloweeners made a devastating appearance in Boxcutter Row and, finding formidable opposition, decided to wage an all-out street war with whomever would step out against them, led by an unsettled street mage named Burn Unit. They were wiped out during the fighting, but not before they detonated the Stuffer Shack there with a homemade bomb.

Befolk Halloweeners

The Befolk Halloweeners are a subsect of the Halloweener gang that were put together under the direction of Wolf Teeth with the intent of returning to Boxcutter Row and getting their revenge for the destruction of their fellow gang members at the hands of the Juicyfruits and the Blue Angels. They began to clash with the rest of the Halloweeners and declared war on each other.


The Wounds of Odin

The Wounds of Odin are a dangerous, anti-metahuman policlub based out of Atlanta who broke away from the Humanis Policlub through the manipulations of Tire Iron Davies disguised as Johan the Johan. Their membership boasts two clones of the same series as Just Casey, and they have been known to hunt down and destroy other clones of their series who manifest the Path of the Manifold Way who do not join them.

The Tir Tairngire Technomancy Cult

This cult of technomancers, who lack a name, was put together under the pretense of mutual aid for technomancers, by Jack Frost. They have gone into hiding since Frost was revealed to be, in fact, Tire Iron Davies. Their current leadership or intents are unknown.

The Boxcutter Trinity

Since the initial attack of an Abomination on Boxcutter Row, people there have started worshipping Laady Macbeth, White Feathers, and Phaede as a trinity of divine beings. The symbol of this worship is a triangle. Lady Macbeth has not said anything to encourage or discourage such worship, and White Feathers has taken advantage of this prestige at every opportunity. Phaede herself has become accustomed to receiving small gifts of people’s affections in hopes she will perform miracles for them.

This worship is born largely out of the rampant fear and ignorance of the awakened world on the part of the residents of Boxcutter, many of whom were killed during Wolf Teeth’s attack or would be killed her future attempts.

Gangs, Cults, and Fanatics

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