Project Wishing Star

Project Wishing Star is a long term experiment in cloning and genetics between an indeterminate number of megacorporate interests. Specifically, the project has created millions of clones, of varied metahuman series, and artificially enhanced their growth to a desired age. Then, the project implants memories of their own design, often extracted from other clones who met unexpected deaths, and released them into their respected testing environments.

It is unknown who are the principal controlling personalities of the project, nor what the long terms goals of such a project might be. The project has also been demonstrated to be so incredibly buried in legal nonsense as to be impossible to tie to any one legitimate organization.


The Juicyfruits became aware of the project when hired by a social adept Mr. Johnson to investigate unusual shipments being brought into and out of the Drinkwater Institute, a genetics research laboratory in downtown Seattle. During the operation Click made his way first deep into the lab in disguise, then deep into its hardwired database system. On the brink of discovery, he was visited in the node by Jack Frost, who seemed to be in control of the local system.

Frost not only turned off the system security but handed Click an enormous digital file containing information on millions upon millions of test subjects of the project. Going through the files revealed information, if limited, about each of the members of the Juicyfruits with the exception of Quicksilver, who was mentioned in an incomplete entry.

The files Frost provided them were not detailed enough to provide any of the in-depth reasoning behind the experiments, or even to which experiments within the project different series of clones belonged, only limited identity information and, for many, records of death.


The project does not appear to be simply cloning research but, specifically, research into very advanced genetic manipulation. Though the files are not detailed enough to denote what it might be, there is an obvious introduction of some kind of strange or artificial genetic structures in every clone. What these strange genetic structures do remains a mystery but may account for some of the more notable differences between clones of the same series.

Ultimately, the project is clearly dedicated to researching these intentional variations, though it is unclear why so many clones are required, or why many of those clones have been released into society.

Murky History

What little is known of the history of the project is that it seems to stretch back to the 1990’s, and possibly earlier, to research being conducted by semi-legitimate government agencies in the United States. Their operations appear to be either piggybacked on joint corporate facilities, many of which appear to be charity medical facilities created to take advantage of their local government tax subsidies for beneficial medical research, or those operations are conducted in entirely unlisted, ultra-secure facilities.

The Juicyfruits

The members of the Juicyfruits found out they were each connected to the project; specifically, each member was a clone in a series that originated with the real-world player who was playing that character. The exception is Quicksilver, who is not a clone, though the project files link him as an “outside experiment,” though what this entails, and what his link is to his real-world player, remains unknown.

Tiger Hoshi

The social adept Mr Johnson was revealed to be Tiger Hoshi in disguise, who appeared to be confronted on the steps to the Drinkwater Institute by both Mr. Jaoija and Mr Henderickson. What their involvement is, if any, remains unknown.

Though Hoshi was briefly encountered after this run, she confirmed that she was only suspicious of its existence until the Juicyfruits were able to find out what was inside the Drinkwater Institute. UnlikeJust Casey, Hoshi was aware of the Wounds of Odin twins for many years, and spent those years investigating their origins.

Drake Foundation

The Juicyfruits are aware that a clone of Just Casey’s series is employed by the Drake Foundation, and specifically, that their clone is a ghoul involved in Crazy Hacko‘s underground railroad for ghouls in Seattle. It is unclear if they are aware of Just Casey’s relationship to that individual, or if they are even aware of Project Wishing Star in general.

Project Wishing Star

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