Human Burnout Ganger, Blue Angels (Dead)



Real Name: Lars Swanson


Lars “Chippie” Swanson is actually the most aggressive of the Blue Angels. He’s a hulking BTL-junkie who constantly roams the borders of the turf and will attack, like a rabid dog, anyone crossing that border wearing rival colours and anyone who insults any of the Blue Angels. He wears nothing but stained, old, generic, machine-dispensed blue flats. Outside combat he is totally dependent on his girlfriend, Little Squeaker, who he’s been dating since they were both kids.

After the death of Little Squeaker, Chippie was taken in by Mama Jackson, whether he liked it or not. Especially since Phaede dragged his unconcsious ass there. Under her care, he cleaned up, got off the BTLs, and started trying to write a Juciy Fruits fanzine with his agent program Squeaker 2.0, which was crafted from his old collection of home-made BTLs to contain all that remained of her personality.

In what appeared to be a relapse, Chippie died in Mama Jackson’s apartment of a BTL overdose. His body was found by Click, who was led there by Squeaker 2.0, who turned out to be a sprite compiled by a newly-submerged Chippie. It has since been determined by Phaede and FenRAWR that White Feathers spent a lot of time digitally lurking in the area, tracking Chippie, and most likely sold this information to whomever killed him.

It is most likely he was killed by the Drake Foundation, as his death fufilled Click’s wish to be brought in contact with a free sprite.


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