Greg the Troll

Legendary Retired Gay Troll Runner


Greg is something of a celebrity in the shadowrunner community as a good-guy runner who made the big time and went on to enjoy life and spread the good fortune. He is also an icon of various equal rights groups as a successful gay Troll despite the prejudice against both goblins by society and homosexuality within goblin societies. Greg the Troll took the earnings from his time as hired muscle and used it to pursue one explosive career after another, from music video director to fashion consultant, gay nightclub bouncer, podcasting bus driver, painter, snarky waiter, and many more things on his ever-growing bucket list. Truly, he is a renaissance troll.

Of late, he has been hamming it up as Gregface, a one-troll band in which he plays an instrument that resembles a cross between a drum set and a baby grand piano (an instrument I totally stole from a Shadowrun website called Blackjack’s Corner.) That is, unless he finds himself desiring his next change in caree. His currently released single is This is My World Now.

His wedding to his fiance, Athony, turned out to be a false event set up by the Wounds of Odin to kill supporters, friends, and family of Greg. The twin Casey-clones had taken the two gay trolls’ place at the altar. They were subdued, but it is unknown where Greg and Anthony actually are right now…

Greg the Troll

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