Ork Street Samurai


Real Name: Brunhilda


Gutterball is a Prime NPC.

Gutterball is a gun-toting, tough-as-bricks orc lady who means business. She dresses in nothing but the one black suit she owns and, She is very professional, and though it has been clear in the past she had no interest making friends inside or outside the shadows, she swore herself to the service of Phaede during the events of the Toxic Wolf assault on Boxcutter Row.

She is nominally a member of the Boxcutters, though she openly admits she joined only because Hacko paid her with body armour to give firearms training to the residents and perhaps prevent a few accidental injuries.

After the events of the False Chemical Wedding, Gutterball asked Zero Point to hand deliver an encoded datachip to someone in Berlin, in the Allied German States.


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