Iseul "Crazy Hacko" Hyundai

Changeling Ghoul Street Doc


Hacko is a Prime NPC.

If you know anyone else in the street-doc trade, see the people you know first. If you’re really hooped for time, money, or bodily fluids, though, you can always visit Hacko. The guy has more than a few screws loose but his autoturret-riddled clinic is surprisingly well stocked. His surgeries, however, are known for their… unique complications. One human walked out of his clinic with an unexpected pair of horns, and another orc guy found his entire body had been used to play tic-tac-toe with scalpels and lasers. Some people don’t walk back out at all, and the astral background count in his lobby is suffocating.

Why in god’s name would anyone do business with this guy? Because he’s 100% free, asks no questions, and he’ll do just about any procedure for the sheer fun of cutting someone open. Lady Macbeth doesn’t much like him but people go to him of their own free will and, to his credit, many walk out with brand new organs and life-saving cyberware they couldn’t have got anywhere else.

Hacko usually keeps his face hidden behind latex masks and scarves, but when those are removed, he is revealed to be not only a ghoul but a changeling with six miniature arms sprouting from his neck. He is personally the source of the “bad vibes” and background count in his clinic.

Before his changes, he and Lady Macbeth were metahuman rights activists together, though he was a militant. He now has connections with the Drake Foundation, who helped him put his clinic together to serve as an underground railroad for ghouls. He as was personally involved in something called the Ghoul Liberation Front in Chicago when the UCAS government dropped a nuke on the city. It is not known how he survived, and none of this is public knowledge.

He was the founder and inspiration for the Boxcutters and personally supplied them with the firearms and ammunition that made theirs such a dangerous neighbourhood.

While the Juicyfruits have gained his trust by completing the delivery run to Denver, he holds a grudge against Click for comparing him to Hitler.

Iseul "Crazy Hacko" Hyundai

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