Hungry Star

Alien Mentor Spirit, Mars


This strange, bestial, haloed astral entity was found, along with the strange, silent child, by Quicksilver, Phaede, and Whitefeathers within an astral space somehow contained by the GreenClean biological agent dropped on Boxcutter by Linda Swift and her rogue DeBeers-Omnitech paramilitary force. It refers to Phaede and Quicksilver as its “children” and attempted to consume, or “know” Whitefeathers. While not necessarily aggressive, it is clearly dangerous. Phaede and Quicksilver escaped the astral space by entering its halo, although when they finally came back into their bodies, about a week had passed.

Since then, the Hungry Star appeared to Zero Point during the false wedding of Greg the Troll, and has become his mentor spirit. The Hungry Star, through some yet-not-understood property of Martian life, exists both in the Astral and in the Matrix, and is an entity concerned with the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake at any cost.

Hungry Star

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