Johan the Johan

Legendary Elf Mr. Johnson


Johan is a legendary elven Mr. Johnson whose “name” is whispered like fairy tales to children at bedtime. Little is known about him besides that he used to work as a hitman for the the Italian Mafia and, before that, he served in some kind of hush-hush UCAS military organization. He is also known to be a sworn enemy of both those organizations now. Perhaps not surprisingly, dealing with Johan is rumored to be akin to dealing with a dragon…

It seemed as though the Johan was following the characters and occasionally stepping into their lives, but this turned out to be one of Tire Iron Davies’ personalities. The real Johan revealed himself to the Juicy Fruits, however, and thanked them for dealing with his ’interesting imposter." He dropped mention of his Silver Agency, and that maybe he might have real work for them sometime in the future.

The Juicyfruits only know him by his masked matrix persona, which was flawlessly imitated by Tire Iron during his long stint as an imposter. So flawlessly it’s difficult to say which exploits should be attributed to which elf…

Johan the Johan

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