Jonathon Henderickson

Human Mr Johnson with Ares Macrotechnology


A salesman for Welworx, a subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology. He is an augmented smooth talker with an excellent skillwire system in which he slotted high-grade combat skillsofts during the Halloweener raid on Boxcutter Row, where he hired the Juicyfruits to find his missing ganger son, Grinder.

He was also the source of the run on HyperSun Research Industries that brought Quicksilver into the group and revealed the existence of the Pure Blackfoot cult.

During the run on the Drinkwater Institute, he was seen confronting the revealed Tiger Hoshi, who took Mr. Jaoija hostage and slipped away down an alley.

Jonathon Henderickson

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