Lady Macbeth

Changeling Moon Maiden Shaman


Awakened changeling shaman of the Moon Maiden, associated with a spirit called “The Green Man.”


Lady Macbeth is a Prime NPC.

Lady Macbeth is the resident pacifist, patchouli-scented, hippie shaman on Boxcutter Row. She wears her heart on the sleeve of her fuzzy bathrobe and can’t stand to see anyone in distress. She tends to be a homebody, sitting in her fuzzy bathrobe, drinking endless soykaf, and talking with her cats. Her apartment is heavily warded and guarded by spirits against unwelcome visitors. She doesn’t really have any enemies, though, and she is considered something of a holy woman by all the local area gangs. She does not, and will not, intervene in gang violence but, if any gangbanger manages to drag their bleeding ass to her door, they all know they will be taken care of. Many have, and many owe her their lives, for which she asks nothing in return. Because of this relationship, she is considered safe haven and off-limits for everyone in the area.

She and White Feathers are sometimes lovers, and White Feathers seems to do a lot of couch surfing at her place.

Some of her mystery and angelic nature stem directly from her changeling nature, of which no one but the Juicyfruits, Crazy Hacko, and White Feathers is aware. She used to be a very active metahuman rights protestor along with Hacko, before she settled down in Boxcutter Row. Her changeling nature is not outwardly apparent, unlike many of her kind. It makes her angelic, beautiful, and motherly in the eyes of those who meet her. She is also, in a way, the “spirit” of Boxcutter Row, as she cannot leave and is affected by the emotions of all who reside there. She is also, if reluctantly, a member of the Boxcutters.

Lady Macbeth sheltered Phaede when she was released into the streets of Seattle and struggling with her awakening. She, along with Phaede and White Feathers, have become worshipped as the Boxcutter Trinity.

Lady Macbeth

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