Little Squeaker

Human Ganger, Blue Angels (Dead)



Real Name: Jess Gershwin


Jess “Little Squeaker” Gershwin is a twitchy, alcoholic, scar faced razorgirl prone to emotional outbursts. She wears an old, patchy leather trench coat and a criminally short leather miniskirt. When they think they’re alone, she and Chippie are an adorable couple, but woe to the poor soul who gets caught see them that way.

Little Squeaker was killed in a gunfight in a hidden entrance to Hacko’s clinic in the sewer by mysterious men working for the burnt body armour-wearing toxic magician who controlled Hacko with a twisted spirit. This was later revealed to be Wolf Teeth

What remained of her personality was put together from home-made BTL files she and Chippie had made and used for his new agent program, Content Not Found: squeaker2. This agent was later compiled into a full-blown sprite when Chippie submerged just before he died.

Little Squeaker

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