Mellow Yellow

Permastoned Dwarf Foci Smith Extraordinaire


Mellow Yellow is that one god damned hippie who somehow turns up at every protest, every rally, and every freak out. This Awakened, permastoned dwarf has somehow coasted through just about every nonviolent movement that has cropped up in Seattle over the past thirty years or so. What his tradition consists of is anyone’s guess, as he’ll never give you the same answer twice, and his mystical mumblings don’t make sense to any Awakened person who has ever asked him about it.

Mellow has the most luxurious, thick black beard most dwarves claim to have ever seen, and he keeps it bound up in custom-forged iron and gold bands, leather straps, and glass beads, all of which are clearly magical fetishes and foci. He never seems to be doing anything with them, but his beard glows like a gate to another dimension in the astral. More often than not, though, that is all he is wearing.

Mellow was able to tell Just Casey her inherited extendible claw foci is traceable back to the Wounds of Odin, and he was also the one to build the metal golem Papa Banquise required as payment to hold Wolf Teeth. He was also mentioned in the Ballad of Tire Iron Davies.

Mellow Yellow

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