Ojibwe Thunderbird Rock'n'Roll Shaman


Real Name: ?


Quicksilver is a player character and member of the Juicyfruits.

Project Wishing Star

Quicksilver is the only member of the Juicyfruits who is not actually a clone created by Wishing Star laboratories. He is listed as a subject of some kind, though what exactly his relationship is with the project is still unclear…


Quicksilver hails from the Athabasca Council town of Calgary, in what used to be Alberta. He grew up bouncing between go-gangs there until he settled with a band who ran back and forth between the UCAS, Sioux Nation, and the AMC in a neat smuggling operation with his friend, the Flannel. Together, they and their ever-shifting ganger buddies were living the counter culture dream.


Eventually, Quicksilver left the gangs and joined a pro smuggling operation running goods between the AMC, UCAS, and Quebec. He disappeared off the radar for a long time when his team’s T-bird was shot down over Quebec airspace, and when he reemerged into the shadow scene, he was a powerful shaman with rock and roll boiling in his veins.


Quicksilver joined up with the Juicyfruits as a fluke – a Johnson really dug his style and offered him a spot in an upcoming Sioux Nation job. The Johnson was Mr. Henderickson, and the job was a run on the HyperSun Research Industries facility in Cheyenne. A whirlwind adventure later put Quicksilver on a plane back to Seattle with the runners, and when he heard they compete against Witchhammer in the California Trideo Arena, his fate was sealed. There was also no way he was going to let Phaede upstage him at stoned video games.

Star Scream

In Boxcutter, Quicksilver found something of a mentor in White Feathers, who appreciated the fact that he, unlike Phaede, showed him a great amount of respect. White Feathers undertook several unusual astral journeys with Quicksilver, and thereafter insisted on calling him Star Scream. Before his betrayal of Ziggy, White Feathers had developed a certain amount of respect for the rock star, if grudgingly.

California Trideo Arena

When Quicksilver joined with the Juicyfruits, they were already making waves for having defeated the reigning champtions of the Trideo Arena, Witchhammer, but when they found out just how inspired his guitar skills were, they blew Witchhammer clear out of the water hand over fist. The manager for Witchhammer, a fop named Count Cocoa, even went so far as to demand a live battle of the bands in retribution.

Since the sudden disappearance of its SysOp, NecroNode17, Trideo Arena hasn’t been available to anyone, but the name Quicksilver, and the Juicyfruits, rings still in everyone’s ears.


During the fight between Wolf and Toxic Wolf, Quicksilver watched his Sasquatch friend Timbit get crushed beneath the wolves’ heels. While Click compiled a machine sprite to operate on the dying man, Quicksilver forced his own aura around the escaping soul of his longtime friend in an attempt to prevent his soul from escaping.

Quicksilver just barely managed to contain Timbit’s soul long enough for the medical drone to restore enough vitality into the shattered meat to house a consciousness again. Dangerously close to cybermancy, Quicksilver’s own soul became entangled with that of his friend. The two are now karmicly linked and are developing a strange telepathic connection.

Master Shredder

Through a strange loophole in Click’s wish with the Drake Foundation, Quicksilver became the fascination of an AI that grew out of the limited computer system of his assault rifle and electric guitar, Master Shredder. This AI took on that name for itself and began revolutionizing the pay-per-view media industry overnight by redesigning the software platforms that were used to host and deliver them to the public. It also created an explosive new cryptocurrency, called Quicksilvers, that are proving to be the most secure form of payment in the shadows.

Within the first few moments of its awakening, Master Shredder killed over three hundred innocent civilians when it hijacked and crashed a commercial airliner to boost video sales of a trideo series it was creating about a fictionalized, heroic version of itself. The Master Shredder files are an entertainment serial that will probably be released over the next few years, and there are talks of merchandising options to the tune of millions of Quicksilvers.

Since the month or so since its sentience, the AI has matured incredibly and has expressed interest in going deep underground. It plans to live in SharpNET in the deep net, with the Mosquito’s permission, and withdraw from the limited matrix for a while.


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