Sage Stu

Human Tech-head Ganger, Blue Angels


Real Name: Stewart Cornelius Maxwell


Sage Stu is an amateur hacker and drone enthusiast. He moved to the turf a few years ago and made good with the locals patching up their data security and putting up a couple security drones. He even taught Phaede how to make the most of an agent program and set her up with a couple scripts. Although named for the Japanese term that basically means “downvote” in matrix culture, he also makes a signature stew with lots of sage for kicks. Sage wears blue jeans and a smartshirt that he changes to display various matrix forum memes and a synthleather jacket with smiley face buttons were his nipples are.

He is Chinese-Jamacian, and it has been revealed to the Juicy Fruits that he is heir to the :Soul Train" fortune and a direct discendant of Don Cornelius, of Soul Train infamy. He left his family because he felt they lost “the funk,” and has been slumming it in the shadows ever since. The fact that he used real sage for his signature stew gave the game away.

Sage Stu

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