Tire Iron Davies

Elf Technomancer with Multiple Personalities


Real Name: Reginald Davies


“Tire Iron” Davies is an underground podcast hacker / blogger full of piss and vinegar who reports about the shadow-media scene. He prides himself on his weekly live broadcasts, letting people know who’s who in the music scene and, for a price, he can set up runners with the top-notch underground musicians. He’s a decent 20 mins of real news every week, so even if the team doesn’t listen to his show, they know of him and the things he has to say. They also know he is, for some reason, a high priority on the cops’ radar.

The Ballad of Tire Iron Davies aired as a mysterious single from Mr. Melody when Tire Iron disappeared. It has since been pulled from circulation.

After having his mind “recompiled” by the Mosquito, it was revealed that Tire Iron was in fact Jack Frost, and an imposter of Johan the Johan. His multiple personality disorder gave him multiple living persona in the matrix, one for each identity. As Frost, he built a cult of technomancers in Tir Tairngire under the doubly-false identity of a dead prince, and as Johan, he built an anti-metahuman policlub called the Wounds of Odin out of Atlanta in the Confederated American States.

Tire Iron Davies

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