White Feathers

Elf Raven Shaman


Awakened elf raven shaman from the Manitou tribe in the AMC.


White Feathers is a Prime NPC.

White Feathers is an elven Manitou shaman in his late fourties who left his home in the Athabasca-Manitoo Council years ago due to a bad run-in with the military. In this case, his “run-in” was getting caught sleeping with the daughter of a special-forces captain. The political situation in the Athabasca-Manitoo Council being tense for the last few decades, he agreed to leave the country altogether to avoid sparking up more trouble for both their families. Unfortunately, he ended up penniless in the slums of Seattle, lover to Lady Macbeth.

During his time in Boxcutter Row, White Feathers was influential in the formation of the Boxcutters and became worshiped as a part of the Boxcutter Trinity. He developed a mentor relationship with Quicksilver, whom he only ever refers to as Star Scream, and a paternal relationship with Phaede.

He enchanted Impulse, a punching dagger weapon focus, though Zero Point discovered he did so through Blood Magic fueled by the death of members of the Befolk Halloweeners gang.

During his last encounter with the Juicyfruits, he allowed a cybernetic assassin geisha attempt a hit on Ziggy’s life. He tried to offer Phaede a cut of the profit, though she resisted and tried to fight him.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

White Feathers

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