Wolf Teeth

Toxic Wolf Shaman, (Phaede Clone)


Status: ???


Wolf Teeth is a toxic wolf shaman and a same-source clone as Phaede. Wearing an old burnt jumpsuit and helmet, she has been lurking in the shadows of Boxcutter Row and striking anonymously. She was behind the release of the Abomination spirit in Boxcutter, and has been responsible for the death of the majority of the Blue Angels.

She corrupted Daniel Swift and, together, they went hunting Phaede-clones together until his death in a shootout. Since discovering the existence of Phaede in Seattle, she has delighted in causing chaos, death, and mayhem in her life.

Phaede and Quicksilver nearly took her out in a fight, but she regained consciousness and manifested her totem spirit, Toxic Wolf, and tried to level Boxcutter Row entirely. Phaede made a deal with her own totem spirit to get it to manifest, and the two totem spirits duked it out while the residents of Boxcutter Row gave what assistance they could offer.

When they finally brought her down, Ziggy made a deal with Papa Banquise to keep her controlled and contained. The time period for this deal has long elapsed, and where she might be now is not certain…

Wolf Teeth

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