The Chemical Atlas

Minisession Ziggy

In this minisession, Ziggy met with his oyabun, Watanabe, to discuss the increased corporate and police interest in Boxcutter Row following the series of fantastic events there. Watanabe had been contacted by a Mr. Myamoto, who personally represents the interests of Little Tiger Hoshi.

Myamoto proposed that, in exchange for cleaning up some lingering yakuza family business, Hoshi would take care of the corporate interest in the area. A member of the now-defunct Okaniwa-kai, a powerful warrior by the name of Tonka, refused to follow Watanabe after the death of his oyabun at the hands of Ziggy. Tonka was an old school Japanese gangster and would never surrender, and as long as he lived in defiance, there was potential for real turbulence within the entire Shotozumi-rengo in Seattle, as long tangles of conflicting honourable debts would land everyone in a new war. Keeping the balance would be in the interest of both Hoshi and the rengo at large.

To accomplish this task, Ziggy was given direct command over a group of misfit yakuza, all of whom were left alone when their kais were destroyed in conflicts with other kais, whom Oyabun Watanabe graciously accepted into the fold. Arms, Shock Baby, and Slash accepted Ziggy as their direct commander in the kai.

To accomplish the task set out by Myamoto, they first had to overcome three tasks. They had to obtain Tonka’s location from another kai, the Otome-kai, a traditional yakuza clan who primarily run numbers rackets, who protected Tonka because of some debt they owed him. Second, they had to make sure a respected kai in the area, the Kiyono-kai, didn’t take offense (or were forced to act like it out of honour). Lastly, Myamoto provided Ziggy with threatening video footage to deliver to the police officer active in the Boxcutter area, Captain Holstein. The footage showed his niece at her private corporate school, at times very intimately, showing that she could be in danger at any moment.

Ziggy, however, was given leave to take care of things in what Watanabe called his “effective but unorthodox methodology.”

Rather than infiltrate the Otome compound, Ziggy did some research and found out that Oyabun Otome owed Tonka because he once protected Otome’s daughter from a horde of angry metahumans during a riot. Taking advantage of this knowledge, Ziggy led his staff in a recreation of the scene, during which Arms provoked a biker gang of orks in a bar by attempting to benchpress several of them. The event was filmed and would later be heavily doctored by Ziggy, relying on his expertise in video editing and manipulation, to make Arms appear to be Tonka provoking the mob that would attack the young Ms. Otome. Shock Baby was called on to play the role of the helpless victim.

This did not go as planned. To make someone as tough as Shock Baby appear to be a helpless victim, they fed her a dose of a very dangerous toxin, Warp, by soaking an old Sioux head dress in alcohol that had once been very close to a Warp event. The trip was bad, and Shock Baby suffered irreversible brain damage and lost control, attacking anything within striking distance and going beserk. Ziggy wore the head dress when he took advantage of a powerful bit of dragon magic, and lingering threads of that magic were passed onto Shock Baby, who would take advantage of it during the final confrontation against Tonka. Despite the brain damage, Shock Baby was able to remain a functional, if dangerous and provokable, member of Ziggy’s staff.

When Ziggy delivered the footage to the Otome-kai, however, he was extremely high on several doses of a mental-boosting drug, eXcite, and could not resist the temptation to attempt to break into their secure servers from inside the compound. Hidden behind his sun glasses, Ziggy made a dangerous decision to go full VR and pull along his entire staff.

Delving deep into the Otome servers, they found several pieces of information. First, they found the whereabouts of Tonka, along with details of the security measures he had taken. Second, they found a file linked to Project Wishing Star that contained a list of patients linked to a line of clones called the “Zero Clone Series.” In that list of mostly unimportant names was one that stood out: it simply read “Patient 0: Mellow Yellow.”

Pressing on, Ziggy and his staff entered a much more secure node buried in the secure system and found a strange, uncomfortable stone room containing a single large, black orb, which, while Ziggy was checking the access logs to this ultra secure system, Arms and Slash worked together to slice the orb open. Out of the orb oozed a figure who had been injured by Slash’s VR sword, and once it wiped the mud off its face, it was clear that Jack Frost had emerged and that his arm had been severed. The connection ended abruptly, dumping Ziggy back in his meeting with the Otome-kai, who were unaware of anything he had been up to. Ziggy was able to leave the compound without any alarms being raised.

Convincing the Otome-kai that they did not owe Tonka released them from their obligation to protect him, and prevented the Kiyono-kai from needing to react. The business with Captain Holstein was neatly dealt with by tying the data to the end of a sword which Slash threw into his office window, cutting his desk in half in the process, while Arms held her up on a picnic table over his head.

All other matters dealt with, Ziggy and his staff went to take out Tonka. Knowing his security measures ahead of time, they were able to disable most of what he had laid out in ambush for them. Shock Baby ran in first and disabled his jamming system with a large dose of electricity to the device. Slash ran to the side and cut in half an automated machine gun turret before it had a chance to cut Shock Baby into ribbons. Arms confronted a local metahuman gang who had been paid to attack anyone Japanese entering into the area by finding one of Tonka’s drones, ripping it in half, and beating the orcs with its remains. Ziggy would have disabled Tonka’s Doberman drones if Tonka had not been smart enough to disable their wireless systems and leave them running autonomously.

Finally the group confronted Tonka, an older man in a trench coat and tattoos displayed proudly without a shirt on underneath. Several shots were exchanged before Shock Baby pulled on those dangerous threads of fate, charging the Doberman drones with a wire whip attached to a big car battery in her back pack. This attack caused the explosion of an underground power station left in an extreme state of disrepair under the ruined buildings, vapourizing Tonka and most of the city block.

The resulting blast acted as an enormous EMP wave, and when it hit Ziggy, he Submerged as a technomancer. He became aware of his own genetic code as if it were programming code laid out before him, and he became aware of that of all those around him. He was able to recognize how precise his own code was, more precise than him simply a clone would require. Ziggy became aware that his own genetic code was very carefully and purposely constructed, though toward what end was unclear. He felt something else, something foreign within him, crawling just underneath his code.

And at the end, Ziggy grinned. And could not stop.


Sorry I missed this session! Awesome!

Minisession Ziggy

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