Trideo Arena

The California Trideo Arena is an underground entertainment scene run and managed entirely by the enigmatic NecroNode17. It is a competition between shadowrunner outfits who record their own runs and then edit them into music videos.

When the Juicyfruits entered the scene, they quickly began to rival the long-time champions, Witchhammer, and towards the end of 2072, the Juicyfruits had clearly, and repeatedly, crushed all other challengers. They even discovered they had a growing fanclub when they met Rachel Dancing Horse in the Salish-Sidhe nation, of which Chippie was a member before his death.

The Juicyfruits, like Witchhammer, performed all their own music for their submissions, but where Witchhammer was a unified heavy metal band, the Juicyfruits were a collaboration between very different artistic backgrounds. The diversity of their submissions resonated with both fans and potential employers, who considered them, though their art and their proofs of skill and daring, to be a very capable and diverse group of people.

Their first entry to the arena even scored them a job from Mr Jaoija, the flashy Aztec Johnson who offered them bonus pay for a recorded high body count.

The arena also served as a contact network between the runners outfits themselves. The Juicyfruits even hired Whiplash to provide cover for their escape from MCT’s secret medieval Japanese castle in downtown Seattle.

Runner Outfits


Witchhammer is a Black Magic coven and BDSM-esque heavy metal band who do their own music for their arena trids. Having completely turned their backs on subtlety, they like to air-drop into both their concerts and their missions through a barrage of heavy rocket fire from supporting helicopters. They are based out of somewhere in the Big Sur and are known to have pirate and smuggling ties, which helps them get their massive, cathedral-themed T-Bird, “The Iron Lady of Mercy,” in and out of California borders.

They did a charity “concert” on the smoking remains of the Bananahead Club after they laid waste to it with a barrage of helicopter rocket fire, along with Gregface and the Juicyfruits. The lead singer said he really enjoyed working with them, and their manager, a fop named Count Cocoa, wants to do another gig with the Juicyfruits in the future.


These guys are a humanis group who specialize in extermination jobs or activist breaking missions. Their music videos always present metahumans in a negative light, and they are all heavily-built ex-California military guys who fought against General Saito. They are based out of Sacramento.

Sonic 6

This is an all-elf tactical mercenary group who specialize in bringing in the heavy firepower. In their music videos, they like to make particular use of their flagship, a heavily-armed T-bird they call “The Iron Lady.”

North Star

These guys are all ex-Sioux army scouts who spend far more time deep in the paranormal wilderness of the NAN than urban environments. They love putting together music videos for all the military conflicts they get near enough to influence without actually being noticed by the military groups themselves.


All female, all troll, all physical adepts. These guys pick a target and make a bee-line through walls, cars, and unfortunate security guards to get to it.


These guys are specialists in sensitive corporate espionage. Their videos are highly dangerous as they tend to film in sensitive corporate office environments, and footage is sometimes lost to destroyed drones or commlinks because the information cannot be live broadcast. They are a combination of safe crackers and unarmed specialists, and are all Japanese human males.

Poison AROs

This group work a lot with the waterjackers in the FreeCal, and they are a rigging-heavy group. They get to interact with a lot of other runner outfits in that environment as well as corporate players and are a wellspring of vehicle and hardware-related contacts. Their videos are almost entirely all vehicle-heavy and set to techno with strong beats.


These guys are one of the foremost hacker-exclusive teams available, and they are only known by their matrix icons. Their videos are surprisingly far reaching, and more than one corporate forum commenter in the Arena has claimed Razorwire to be, in fact, a smokescreen by other corporate agencies to put pressure on specific projects. If this is the case, though, no one has been able to point a finger at who profits the most from their activities. Razorwire has been silent on the issue.

Popcorn and Jacks

Popcorn and Jacks is a two-man operation that focus on smaller jobs or surprise lesson-teaching jobs. They are best friends and have been in the business for a long time, though they don’t focus too much on their actual job-related skills. They disappear for months at a time with their earnings to live it up on a beach somewhere, but they always return empty-handed to California after a series of misadventures.

Section Z

These guys are a team of private detectives who fled the imperial occupation in the California Protectorate. They are six former San Francisco police officers, two of whom are awakened, and now they investigate for hire. Their trids always have a noir feel to them, and they all wear lined coats with a Z stitched into the lapels. They are one of the few runner teams that operate openly as their work is technically not illegal by California law, though they sometimes stretch that grey area as far as it will go.

Trideo Arena

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