Boxcutter Row

Boxcutter Row has been the central location for much of the game. It is where many of the Juicyfruits make their home with the exception of Just Casey, as well as the majority of the prime NPCs, the Blue Angels streetgang, and the Boxcutters.

The first Juicyfruit to have set up a home here was Phaede, though it is possible that Zero Point, or one of his earlier clones, had briefly lived there decades ago, not long after the Night of Terror. Phaede was taken in as a teenager by Lady Macbeth and trained as a shaman, and after that she joined the Blue Angels.

When Click extracted himself from a corporate mall in Seattle, he set up residence underground in Boxcutter, and when Ziggy started collaborating with the others on runs and the Trideo Arena, he slowly moved into the area as well. As Quicksilver and Zero Point came into the midst of the Juicyfruits, they also set up in the area, and each developed relationships with the NPCs who lived there.

Lady Macbeth, Local Saint

Lady Macbeth serves as a powerful force of neutrality in this neighbourhood, and it’s possible Boxcutter Row has only known the relative stability it enjoys because of her quiet presence there. Many times gang members have dragged themselves to her door, and she has nursed them back to health regardless their affiliations and without accepting payment.

She is regarded as something of a living saint, and while she is no leader, her words carry a lot of weight. It was surprising when she lent her support to the formation of the Boxcutters because she is normally very anti-violence in all things, but the assaults of toxic spirits on the area, and deaths it caused, caused her much suffering.

White Feathers is tolerated because of his ongoing affair with Lady Macbeth, but the residents are particularly wary of the predatory shaman, and avoid him as one might a known rapist or cut throat. He often goes out further into Redmond if he is struck by appetites he cannot get away with sating locally, but then again, he tends to come and go seemingly at random anyway.

Despite this, Lady Macbeth, Whitefeathers, and Phaede are regarded with a cult-like adoration by some members of Boxcutter, who consider the massive toxic spirit assaults in Boxcutter to be apocalyptic signs of the end of times.

The Blue Angels / The Boxcutters

The Blue Angels were the dominant street gang in Boxcutter Row until the attacks by Wolf Teeth’s toxic spirits and the formation of the Boxcutters. They were led by the charismatic and macho cyberpunk Redeyes, who now runs the Boxcutters.

When Big and Little Bear, Perp, and Lil Squeaker were killed, very few of the Blue Angels remained, and while it is unclear whose idea it was initially, Hacko was willing to put forward the considerable funds to create a heavily armed neighbourhood militia. Continued high-power conflict fueled the flames of aggression until every man, woman, and child in Boxcutter is armed to the teeth.

This has created tension with the increasing megacorporate interest in the area, as relations between the locals and paramilitary “escorts” amount to a powder keg ready to ignite as soon as the first scared child or parent blows away an unprepared cop with a very unregistered shotgun.

So far Redeyes has managed to keep his cool under pressure, but he has a well-earned reputation as a shoot first kind of guy.

Stripper Lane

There is a strip consisting of a few blocks called Stripper Lane where several pimps and madams have set up permanent brothels and don’t hesitate to advertise all their wares. The street signs there are filled with every imaginable act of carnal delight or desecration you can buy with enough nuyen. Because of their proximity, Stripper Lane long ago developed an unspoken agreement that a troublesome John meant trouble for everyone, so those who take an aggressive step may find themselves beset by a forest of hidden blades or in the sights of rooftop joy boys and girls armed with black market rifles.

They have kept their independence from the Boxcutters, and so long as they keep on their side of the fence, they remain good neighbours.


Phaede, member of the former Blue Angels gang, is viewed as a demigod by some members of Boxcutter Row as part of the Boxcutter Trinity after she manifested her totem spirit, Wolf, and fought off an incarnation of the Toxic Wolf totem. There are often flowers and lit AR candles left outside her apartment. Her devotees are more than a little obsessive, however, and have become the more aggressive, militant faction of the Boxcutters.


Click is regarded with cool uncertainty by the locals, though he has a well earned reputation for being the master of the local digital networks originally installed by Sage Stu of the Blue Angels. Whenever trouble has reared its head, he has been the warning klaxxon in many ways, and has always managed to quickly and efficiently tie together parts of local surveillance systems. Despite being unofficial, there are some would would include him as a distant, digital member of the Boxcutter Trinity.

Just Casey

Just Casey isn’t well known as herself, as if often the case with those who know her, but they have become well acquainted with her as Arcadia 9. The Boxcutters have welcomed the opening of her Sombra Nevada factory, especially since they have hope that, if they can get their hands on some decent fake SINS, a job there will actually pay them well. Because of this, Redeyes has offered that the Boxcutters will offer her business protection at no cost for one year in exchange for jobs for those with SINs (or fake SINs) with its opening.

Furthermore, a gang of street children called the Mulligan Irregulars have taken up squatting residence in the construction area. They’ve been offered some basic supplies that could by spared by Redeyes, but they have the intention of using the new factory as a base of operations to continue their intelligence scrounging gig.

With all the gang involvement, SINless looking for jobs, and children on the premises, Casey may well have her hands full keeping up appearances. Then again, that is what she’s good at.


Ziggy has been both a source of party and panic in the streets of Boxcutter Row. His racing challenges for Yakuza legitimacy have been viewed as great impromptu entertainment, and the concert he set up was a massive event that was unfortunately ruined by murderous magic and biological warfare. Since actually becoming legitimately accepted into the Seattle Yakuza community, however, the Boxcutters have been nervous about syndicate incursion into their streets.


Quicksilver is more or less at home wherever he happens to go, and spends the majority of his time in Boxcutter hanging out in or on his old muscle car and strumming his Master Shredder guitar and assault rifle. Like everywhere else he goes, he is viewed as something of a rock star, and people both seek out his attention and avoid him for both reasons.

Having a smoking hot rock star hanging around has certainly been good for Stripper Lane’s business, though they’ve had to ask him (repeatedly) to keep his orgasmic magic down to a minimum.

He and Whitefeathers have had opportunities to explore shamanic mysteries more deeply rooted in each other’s tribal identities, and Whitefeathers seems to have something of a soft spot for the arrogant rock star.

Zero Point

As in all things, Zero’s relationship with Boxcutter Row is complicated. He seems to have lived there long ago, not long after the Night of Terror, but no one but Lady Macbeth seems to remember him. She not only remembers him, but she always seems quite delighted to see him. Whitefeathers, on the other hand, seems to outright detest Zero’s presence.

The rest of Boxcutter Row’s residents simply have not yet had the opportunity to get to know him, but they are always caught off guard when the well dressed troll always turns out to be a gentleman and a scholar, rather than a big dumb monkey in an oversized suit. Perhaps Zero will never get over the stigma of being a troll.

Boxcutter Row

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