The Juicyfruits are the PC party and stars of the Chemical Atlas. They consist of:

  • Just Casey, a social adept on the Path of the Manifold Way
  • Ziggy, a rigger / hacker disgraced yakuza recently brought back into the family
  • Quicksilver, a rock star Ojibwe shaman of Thunderbird
  • Phaede, a teenage ganger shaman of Wolf
  • Click, a Blackfoot orc, former corp security consultant, and underground technomancer
  • Zero Point, a British troll logician with a unique, pharmaceutical awakening

Trideo Arena Fame

During their shadowrunning career they have taken part in an underground music scene called the California Trideo Arena. In the media-saturated tradition of the former state of California, they, and other runners like them, have recorded their runs and set them into music videos to compete for the attention of fans and potential “recruitment specialists” alike. Though they started out as newcomers, they not only dominated the charts, but when guitar-virtuoso Quicksilver joined their ranks, they surpassed the reigning champions so completely hand-over-fist they even got a brief mention on the regular evening news. Their infamy in the underground media scene is ensured for all time.

Involvement in Boxcutter Row

Though they do not all live there, the events of their shadowrunning careers have brought them all into deep into the shadows of Boxcutter Row and the community who lives there. They have become personally involved in the affairs of the residents there and catastrophes that have befallen that neighbourhood, and each member of the Juicyfruits has a unique relationship with this small hood in Redmond.

Project Wishing Star

Every member of the Juicyfruits, with the exception of Quicksilver, is a product (or victim) of Project Wishing Star, a long-running, ultra-secret, multi-corp experiment in cloning and highly unusual genetic variations. Casey, Ziggy, and Phaede have had personal encounters with other clones of the same series as themselves, and the Juicyfruits have acquired a massive database, with the assistance of Jack Frost, of subjects of the experiments dating back for decades. They have discovered they are each a member of a clones series that originates with the real-world player currently playing the character. The only exception to this is Quicksilver, though his name does appear on the massive list of subjects, it is not because he is a clone…

Involvement with the Drake Foundation

The Juicyfruits, after completing a mysterious truck delivery on behalf of Hacko, have earned themselves each one “wish” from the Drake Foundation. So far, two of those wishes have been made and granted.


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