Session Summary

The overall structure of Chemical Atlas consists of cycles. So far, there has only been one cycle complete, but there will be more to come.

Cycle 01

The Magnum Opus of Tire Iron Davies

This cycle introduced the Juicy Fruits, our protagonists, as well as the setting and the GM’s Prime NPCs. During this cycle, all the characters found their way to a dirty ghetto called Boxcutter Row in Redmond, Seattle and found reasons to work together in the shadows. In so doing, they found out they had more in common than they would have imagined, and that they were not all who, or what, they thought they were.


01: Sarariman in a Strange Land

02: The Simple (Train) Job

03: Going Deeper

04: Clash at Bananahead

05a: Keeping Up With the Dunkelzahns

05b: Good Work Undone

06: Lost in Time and Space

07: Clash of the Titans

08: The False Chemical Wedding

Cycle 02

The Winter of Our Discontent

This cycle of sessions will focus on each individual member of the Juicyfruits as they temporarily go their separate ways to take care of personal business after the fiasco that was the wedding of Greg and Anthony, the revelation of Tire Iron Davies, and all the related events concerning Project Wishing Star. These sessions are in no particular order and happen more or less simultaneously.

Size Does Matter

Ziggy’s new position of power in the Watanabe family is tested when the Boxcutters are targeted by an Ares “special gang interest” task force, and Red eyes approaches Ziggy with a non-interference pact between the Yakuza and the Boxcutters should an old-school Yakuza beatdown manage to keep megacorporate interest away from where it doesn’t belong.

Kill Faster

The Sisterhood of the Wolf, a group of young wolf shamans answering the war cry of the angry Wolf totem, goes on the war path against the leaders of Wolf Teeth’s remaining Befolk Halloweeners.

Who Hunts the Hunter

The Wireless Kingdom of Judah has laid a false trail for “4o1”, a strange task force hunting and killing newly emerged technomancers. Click is asked to liason with Quickstrike, an all orcish mercenary group, to ambush and eliminate whoever is behind these murders.

Heavy Metal

Quicksilver is asked to open for Witchhammer’s “tour” in the Algonkian-Manitoo Council, which the AMC is mobilizing a military task force to prevent. Together, they attempt to find out if their metal is heavier than their cathedral-adorned T-bird, the Iron Lady of Final Mercy, and just maybe, find the true meaning of Christmas.

Identity Theft

Someone is ruining Arcadia 9’s grande opening of Sombra Nevada, and that someone is… Arcadia 9? Is this the twins? Tiger Hoshi? Some unknown member of the Casey Clone Brigade? The Mulligan Irregulars assist Just Casey to infiltrate her own fashion show and out supermodel the unknown imposter.

A Question of Perspective

Zero Point flies to Anarch State of Berlin in the Allied German States to hand deliver a message for Gutterball and finds himself accused of a murder he did not commit. An unlikely group of German conspirateurs called the New Templars help him prove his innocence before the Anarch State passes judgement in its own way.

Session Summary

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